Sous vide is French for “under vacuum.” Originally a cooking method only used by top chefs, sous vide has become a more mainstream cooking method through in - home sous vide machines. The process requires hours of cooking vacuum sealed meat at a low, consistent temperature. Visit ABOUT for more information.

SAVoRA Sous Vide can be enjoyed endless ways, on its own or in your favorite dish! For mo re ideas and recipe inspiration, please visit our HOW TO page.

SAVoRA Sous Vide can be prepared in a skillet, oven, or microwave. Simply follow the instructions on the label. For more information, please visit our HOW TO page

Yes, SAVoRA Sous Vide is made in microwavable safe packaging. Simply remove the outer plastic wrap, the sleeve that covers the tray, and the plastic that the meat (and sauce) are in. Follow the instructions on the label for heating time and enjoy!

Yes, you can freeze the product, but we recommend keeping it refrigerated for best results. If you’d like to heat from frozen, thaw product in fridge for 24 ho urs and then follow heating instructions on the package.


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