Sous vide is French for “under vacuum”. Originally a cooking method only used by top chefs, sous vide has become a more mainstream cooking method through in-home sous vide machines. The process requires hours of cooking vacuum sealed meat at a low, consistent temperature. Now, bring that same chef-quality, consistent precision into your kitchen in seconds with new Savora Sous Vide.

The Benefits of Savora Sous Vide

Now you can skip the hours of kitchen preparation to experience the same chef-quality, perfectly delicious sous vide meat with Savora Sous Vide. In just 60 seconds, Savora Sous Vide is perfect every time, with tender and juicy premium cuts of meat, cooked in its own juices. Perfectly delicious every time, enjoy Savora Sous Vide on its own or incorporate into your favorite dish!

Savora Sous Vide Products